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Hello my lovelies! The awesome samena brought to my attention this super fun VOICE MEME that was going on in the HP fandom (among others) and I thought it would be something that we would all enjoy in the SPN fandom! The show is still on hiatus this week, so what is a better substitute than listening to each other ramble on about it (and more importantly, ourselves), amirite?

The internet is an amazing place that has allowed us to communicate and share with each other, but there is just something about listening to someone else's voice and getting to know them through the things that make them unique. Cadence, accent, the amount of times someone says "UM" -- all of those things are a delightful way to appreciate the friends you already have and the friends you are hoping to make.

The instructions are super easy: record yourself answering the questions below the jump and then post it in the comments!

    - What is your username, and where did you come up with it?

    - Tell us where you are from and something about it

    - When did you start watching SPN? When did you get into fandom?

    - What is your favorite and least favorite episode?

    - Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Route, Caramel, Syrup, Pajamas, Potato, Gif, J2, Kripke, Impala, Castiel, Lycanthropy, Croatoan, Wendigo, Exorcizamus Te, Jus in Bello, Malleus Maleficarum, Hunteri Heroici, Azazel, Abaddon, Enochian, Leviathan, Succubus, Crocotta, Rugaru, Pishtaco, Grand Canyon, Mr. Fizzles, your favorite bit of anatomy, and a dirty word of your choosing.

    - Share something you love about your primary SPN ship. If you prefer, share something about your favorite character.

    - Share a favorite story or piece of art/vid (with fandom/pairing/author) that you think everyone should read or view.

    - What is your favorite SPN quote?

    - If you they could shapeshift into any SPN character for a day, who would they be and why?

    - Do you have a hobby outside of fandom?

    - Anything else you'd like to add?

There are several ways to record. I used Vocaroo because it was easy and free and let you get both an embed code and direct link with a few easy clicks. That, however, does require some sort of microphone or recording device, as does Soundcloud. Your iPhone or other device might also have built in sound recorders that can work. There is also a way to make a recording via your phone on LJ if that's easier for you.

My recording is unrehearsed and stream of consciousness and sincere and dorky and utterly ME, so if you have ever wanted to get to know me, listen here! It's so long that it's practically a podcast but my enabler fiercelynormal assures me that my ramblings are very representative of my personality lol.



Audio recording >>

I'm positive mine will be the longest recording in this meme, so please don't feel like you need to ramble on as much as me. Or if you want to, go ahead and beat me! It doesn't matter how your voice sounds or if you aren't a native English speaker or if you have an accent -- this is fandom, we are all dorks here!

tebtosca's recording
fiercelynormal's recording
blackrabbit42's recording
firesign10's recording
yohkobennington's recording
siennavie's recording
lemanya's recording
jennytork's recording
paperbackwriter's recording
thursdaysisters's recording
etoile_etiolee's recording
amberdreams's recording
deirdre_c's recording
brutti_ma_buoni's recording
ldyghst's recording
kinkajou's recording
batman_mcghee's recording
timbolino2's recording
justmep2's recording
ramblin_rosie's recording
stripytights's recording
tipsy_kitty's recording
celtic_forest's recording
keep_waking_up's recording
ephermeralk's recording
bookdal's recording
dugindeep's recording
juice817's recording
smalltrolven's recording
ruben_c83's recording
deceptivemirror's recording
dephigravity's recording
usagimc's recording
ash48's recording
dear_tiger's recording
maraceles's recording
alezig's recording
ashtraythief's recording
counteragent's recording
ar_richardson's recording
cassiopeia7's recording
bluestar1820's recording
fannishliss's recording
galwithglasses's recording
whiskygalore's recording
herminekurotowa's recording
kalliel's recording
dolnmoon's recording
morrezela's recording
miss_marina95's recording
cherie_morte's recording
sillie82's recording
thestarkat's recording
runedgirl's recording
reggie11's recording
hells_half_acre's recording
supernutjapan's recording
milly_gal's recording
tsuki_no_bara's recording
winsangel's recording
majestic_duxk's recording
meesasometimes's recording
ratherastory's recording
fufaraw's recording
deanshot's recording
digitalwave's recording
de_nugis's recording
growyourwings's recording
pinkwithoutplot's recording
tifaching's recording
monicawoe's recording
a_phoenixdragon's recording
x_astreiks_x's recording
duckondebut's recording
bowtrunckle's recording
rearranged's recording
sameuspegasus's recording
geckoholic's recording
callistosh65's recording
cherry916's recording
honscot's recording
sagetan's recording
becc_j's recording
jj1564's recording
yourrighteye's recording
ex1led_nyer's recording
lavinialavender's recording
samena's recording
brosedshield's recording
desertport's recording
big_heart_june's recording
petite_madame's recording
tmn1966's recording
rockstarpeach's recording
lasylissie's recording
chiiyo86's recording
kj_svala's recording
expectative's recording
stir_of_echoes's recording
quickreaver's recording
2people2's recording
vorpalblades's recording
marciaelena's recording
citrusjava's recording
obsidianromance's recording
riveroceansea's recording
storyspinner70's recording
wings128's recording
viviansface's recording
rirren's recording
cleflink's recording
Salty-Catfish's recording


The key is to HAVE FUN and get to know each other, so let's get to it! Please feel free to pimp this out on your own journals -- the more the merrier!

Note: I would say that anyone being a dick in the comment section is going to get President Collins mpreg fic in reply, but I know that's an incentive for some of you dirty birds :P

ETA: LJ is sending random comments to spam, so if it happens to you don't worry! I'll unspam it as soon as I see it (I'm checking periodically)

Tags: me, meme
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