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Bangs and things

A flurry of check-in activity this weekend has prompted me to do a post to keep track of all the upcoming goodies I have in store for you guys! I mean, this will require me to actually write everything, but I know you all have faith in me (don't laugh fiercelynormal)

    • spn_j2_bigbang, drafts due May 1. The check-in post is up now, where you check out what everyone is up to. Very exciting! You can check out my snippet HERE.

    • spn_meanttobe, posting starts May 1. You guys are going to LOVE what quickreaver and I have come up with. I'm sure the art will blow the fic out of the water, because duh haha. If you haven't checked in yet, go do it now!

    • spn_cinema, drafts due April 20. I have been coerced by those dastardly enablers I call "friends" into choosing "The 40-Year Old Virgin". It will likely just end up cracky porn, because that's how I roll. If you want to be enabled as well, claims are still open!

    • I owe something porn-a-licious to stolen_voices, which will probably be posted as my March smpc entry on March 30. If you missed my entry for February, you should go check it out because of were-moose!Jared reasons.

    Oh dear, that is a long list. At least I have these two dorks to work with:

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